Dear Readers

I’m sorry, it’s been a while since I last posted on the Touphy Brides blog.

As we all know, The COVID-19 pandemic came and affected everything, one way or another. During the state of emergency here in Namibia it has surely been a rollercoaster for us in the wedding and events industry. One minute it’s 50 people per social gathering to 100 people, to 250 people per social gathering than 10 people per social gathering and we are currently back to 50 people per social gathering.

Please don’t get me wrong, I’m complaining but quite the opposite, I can’t even imagine being in the presidential sit to make such critical decisions for the best of the country. I salute you, Mr President, for leading this pandemic in the best way you thought was/is best for 🇳🇦 .

Anyhow, though this pandemic was not near my 2020 vision board, it has sure given me the vision to grow. In the next three months left of 2020, I want to give my all in all that I do.

Please do keep safe, adhere to ALL the guidance given because the virus is still among us. Okay, enough about the pandemic.

I will be posting again all things wedding as from next week, Tuesday.

Kisses, Pam

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