Budgeting Tips 101 -(part 1)

I’m so big on saving, especially on things that I really want want don’t have means and I know that it will be worth it. Here are a few tips on savings, things one can do to save more when planning your wedding;

   1.  Think Big for Programs

 Posting one large program at the entrance of your ceremony site is way less pricey than printing one for each person. Trendy options like calligrapher chalkboards or mirrors are budget-friendly and totally chic! 

 2.  Sign Up for Deals  Scoop up deals

By subscribing to vendor newsletters and following them on social media. Keep a lookout for savings and book when the price is in your budget.

 3.  Don’t Overdo Favours

There are so many DIY project not that one could look to, see what you and your partner both like and DIY cute personalised favours. 

 4. Dessert Buffet 

Go for a Dessert Buffet  Dessert buffets are quickly becoming a wedding staple and can easily be created on a budget. Challenge competitive relatives to a bake-off and serve the delicious results. Think cupcakes, cookies, and other mini treats that guests can sample.

  5. Sales 

 Wait for Sales  Most rental companies have big linen sales a couple times a year since they like to replenish their stock. Buy what you need when the price is right, and then resell your tablecloths and napkins after the wedding.  

Thank you for reading this blog post, be on the look out for part two.

until next time,

kisses, Pam.

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