Bridal Beauty Tips

The day you’ve been dreaming of, ever since you were a little girl, is finally approaching. All your wedding plans are falling into place until one glance at the mirror sends your excitement downhill: BREAKOUTS! Do not panic yet as I am here to walk you through some beauty tips to help you fight breakouts and any facial impurities before you say “I do!” 

Tip #1- Hydration

Naturally radiant skin sadly does not come effortlessly. Our skin needs a lot of moisture, so if you are looking for a perfect, natural glow, lots and lots of hydration is key. Therefore you should drink 8 glasses of water daily.

Tip #2- G&G diet

Greens and Grains are the safest way to go. Avoid greasy Fast Foods the night before. Opt for a light and healthy dinner like a salad, and grains like brown rice. As we all know, what we eat shows up on our faces and bodies.

Tip#3- Exfoliate

Exfoliating gets rid of dead skin cells and dullness. However, this step should only be included in your regime if you’ve been exfoliating regularly. Introducing this step the night before, can cause irritation since your skin is not used to it. If a fancy exfoliator is beyond your budget, try mixing a teaspoon of baking soda with water to form a paste, scrub lightly and leave on for a minute before washing it off. This will help balance the pH of your skin.

Tip#4- Kissable lips

Remember to rid your lips of dead cells by exfoliating as well. My favourite homemade exfoliator is brown sugar and honey. Mix them together to form a paste, then apply it to your lips, rubbing lightly. Remove it with a wet cloth then apply a soothing balm or Vaseline. Do this throughout the day not forgetting to apply the balm before you go to bed.

Tip#5- Bridal Mask

After exfoliating you can enjoy a good, hydrating masking session. Avoid using new products, rather stick to a facial product that works for your skin and will not cause unwanted spots and breakouts.

Tip#6- Avoid heavy creams

Instead of applying a thick night cream that will leave you looking greasy the next morning, rather use a light vitamin-packed serum as it provides enough moisture for a natural glow.

Tip#7- Beauty sleep

Bedtime is very important this time around. Your wedding day is not the day where your dark circles and eye bags should make their appearances. At least 8 hours of sleep will do you good, and leave you feeling energized.

Additional Recommendations

  • Take daily walks if working out is not part of your daily routine. Cardio exercises stimulate hormones which maintain good skin health.
  • Refrain from sweet, fizzy drinks and junk food.

I hope these tips may be of use to any bride-to-be out there. Look your best and shine from within!

By Annita Samuel

Instagram: @beauty_by_nnita

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