What to Consider When Venue Hunting (part 1)

Choosing your wedding venue is one the most important decisions to make in wedding planning. Plan far ahead to get the venue the suits you and your partner’s wedding needs and wants.

Here are three facts to consider when choosing a venue for your big day.

  1. Services: What do you want?  Some venues offer ceremonial, reception and accommodation. Choose what services you want from the venue to provide. Do you only want reception or ceremonial space? Staying at one venue throughout.

2.  Preferences: What would you prefer, indoors or Outdoors? Would you prefer outdoor ceremony or reception? Or would you prefer an indoor ceremony or reception? The venue should cater your preferences. 

3.  Number of guest: This will have a great impact on the venue selection; the size of the venue determines the number of guest it can accommodate. A wedding 300 guests needs a lager venue and an intimate wedding for an intimate venue.

That will be it for this week, I will update the next three facts to consider to searching for you wedding venue next week.

Until next Tuesday,

kisses, Pam

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