Wedding Bucket List

Dear Reader,

Welcome back to Touphy Bride blog and in this blog post I would like to share with you what a wedding bucket list is.

Well if you are like me, you will better understand why a wedding bucket list. I have a life-long bucket list, yearly bucket list and quarterly bucket list and main goal here is to achieve and get things that I really MUST have and work really hard to get them.

As a wedding planner, I really like when the bridal couple comes to me and says Pam, this is what we want at our wedding and could you please make this happen? I absolutely love it but I also fully understand that not all couples or people are like me, and there I recommend a Wedding bucket list to all couples.

Just as we all have goals that we would like to achieve in life or season, I believe that when it comes to weddings, people should also have a bucket list. It’s a list of things that you MUST have at your wedding to make your day more memorable.

I know that the bucket list can be as long as you want it but when it’s weddings to wedding I recommend you keep it to 6 tops cause the longer the list, the more MUST have things you might want. I recommend 6 because both of them (couple) gets to only pick 3 of the most MUST haves at the wedding.

For example, A bride might say that on her bucket list she wants the following:

  1. Wedding planner
  2. Dream wedding dress
  3. Best wedding Decorations


The groom might say, well as for me, I would like the following

  1. Entertainment
  2. Drinks and food
  3. The best Photographer

Then the couple combines their list and work together to achieve all that is on their wedding bucket list.

I should say that this List will differ from couple to couple or person-to-person. Therefore, there is no wrong or right, it’s all about what you want to make your big day more memorable.

Please don’t get me wrong, you will still have all other wedding planning things but these 6 things on your list are a priority. In your wedding binder, create an extra page of your WEDDING BUCKET LIST and work truly hard and invest a bit more than all other suppliers.

Thank me later from the results that you will see when you create your WEDDING BUCKET LIST and if you are reading this blog post and are already married, create another kind of bucket list.

Happy planning!

Until Next Tuesday.

Kisses. Pam

“A Wedding Bucket List is the New Gold” – Pam Nangombe

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