Colours Of The Year – 2021

Dear Readers,

It’s a new year and it’s 2021. Wishing all our blog’s readers a blessed 2021. As we are still in the pandemic I hope that you are keeping safe and taking care. A few days ago, a friend of mine asked on her IG page to describe how we want 2021 to be? and that question got me thinking and I would like to extend the question to my dear follow readers the same question, please feel free to answer the comment section below.

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Finding your Dream Wedding Dress!

Finding your Dream Wedding Dress!

One thing is for sure is that I like being modern and chic and for me to look and chic at all times is me knowing my body shape and what works best on my body shape. Knowing your body shape and what works best on your body, will help you as the bride to find your perfect dress and look gorgeous on your wedding day. This rule can be applied to your day-to-day fashion, in general, it’s not only on wedding gowns.

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